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William James Ball and the Glamorgan Asylum, 1914

On 21 December 1914, William James Ball was re-admitted to the Glamorgan Asylum for a fourth time, with the notation "Recent Mania". He had been living on St. George's Terrace, Reynoldston, Gower, with wife Mary. He was 56 years old and his most recent episode had lasted 2 weeks. His general health was noted as "fairly strong".

William's medical certificate notes that he was talkative, restless, and irritable. He had roamed about the country and did not sleep, tumbled furniture and utensils in his house, was somewhat incoherent in his conversation and unable to take care of himself. The doctor noted that William "kept alright" from his discharge in August 1911 until two weeks ago.

On 22 December 1914, the doctor noted that William was "restless, garrulous & incoherent; talks in an exalted manner, goes thru a lot of antics." William's restless seemed to slow for a brief period in February, but by 5 March 1915, he was noted as being "restless, noisy, garrulous & interfering". The notes on his condition continue in much the same fashion until July 1916.

On 18 Septemer 1916, the doctor noted that William had "apparently reached his normal mental level, he was to-day discharged on four weeks' trial.

On 16 October 1916, William was discharged as "Recovered".

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