Tuesday, 5 June 2012

William James Ball and the Glamorgan Asylum, 1910 - Part 2

William's third stay in the Glamorgan Asylum was marked by a slow recovery. He made little progress by early May 1911. His condition was noted as being restless and talkative and he refused to do much work on the ward. By June, William started to show some improvement - he seemed "brighter" and had taken more interest in things and had done "a little ward work". In July, it was noted that his improvement was maintained. The notes of August 1, 1911 state that he was "quiet, rational, well conducted and appears to have reached his normal mental state; works in the stores".

On 12 August 1911, William was discharged. He had gained 14 lbs during his stay. He had been at the asylum since 12 September 1910 for a complete year. The last notation for this stay - "Recovered".

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