Thursday, 31 May 2012

William James Ball and the Glamorgan Asylum 1910 - Part 1

On 12 September 1910, William James was admitted for a third time to the Glamorgan Asylum for "Recent Mania". He was still living at 2 St. George's Terrace, Reynoldston with his wife, Mary.

His physical health was noted as "fairly strong", but doctors noted an incomplete inguinual hernia. William told his doctor that he was very low and depressed. It was noted that William talked incessantly about placing a two hundred weight on his stomach and "he sees in the Echo [newspaper] that is wife is dead". However, Mary was very much alive. He also complained of the Post Office doing him out a large sum of money due to him and that people want to get rid of him to get his money.

The notes of 13 September 1910 indicated that William was "moderately nourished", his hair grey, irides light blue, pupils normal, breathing harsh and expiration prolonged. Again, it was noted that his knee jerked in an exaggerated fashion. His general state was described as restless, garrilous, and incoherent. He still maintained that people were out to get his money and land and he was going into parliament soon, along with exalted ideas of himself and his power.

To be continued...

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