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John Ball, 1861-1928 - Family and 1901 Census

In the years following their 1895 marriage, the family of John and Ruth Ball grew. Ruth gave birth to a daughter, Dorothy Ruth in 1896. Baby Dorothy`s birth was registered in the 2nd quarter (Apr-Jun) of 1896. Tragically, she only lived for 16 hours and was buried in St. Andrews Major on 15 Jun 1896.

A second daughter, Stella, was born in 1897. She was followed by another daughter, named Gwendoline Charlotte, who was born in 6 October 1899, in St. Andrews, Dinas Powis.

The 1901 census shows John, age 40, with an occupation of farmer, living in St. Andrew, Dinas Powis. Ruth is shown as 40 years of age, with Gwendoline L. Ball, age 1. I suspect that the middle initial "L." is likely a transcription error. Living with the family are the following people: Elenor Thomas, age 33, sister-in-law to John (Ruth's younger sister), whose occupation is shown as 'Dressmaker' and birthplace as Gower, John Howells, age 19, servant, whose occupation is farm labourer, and birthplace was Cardiff, and Eliza J. Wade, age 22, a domestic servant, from Somerset.

Where was Stella in 1901? I am not sure, but do know from a family member that Stella was not well and lived away from the farm. She later turns up with her aunt Eleanor in Cardiff in 1911 - but more on that later. If I do come across Stella in my travels, I will be sure to post.

A son, Nelson, was born in late 1902.

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