Tuesday, 24 January 2012

William James Ball (1858-1922) .... continued

William's story is continued in the 1901 census, where we find William, Mary and Mabel still living in Reynoldston, Devon. By this time, William is age 44 and he is a rural postman. Mabel has reached age 19 and works as a dressmaker. Mary is now 58, according to the census entry.

By 1911 there are many sad changes for William and his family. According to the 1911 census, William is a patient in the Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum in Angleton, Brigend. His infirmity is listed as "lunatic" in the census. He is shown as a retired postman, whose first language is English. Wife Mary, age 67, still resides in Reynoldston and is living on St. George's Terrace. Daughter Mabel now lives in Penarth with her grandfather, William Huxtable Ball at 18 Railway Terrace. She was a dressmaker and about 29 years of age.

What brought on William's condition? Was it hereditary, accidental, a result of stress or tragedy, or a disease that he developed? I can't but imagine how awful it would have been to have been living in such an institution. I also think of the sadness that it would have brought to his father - knowing that his eldest son would likely live out his days in an institution such as this.

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