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John Ball, 1861-1928

John Ball was the second eldest child of Charlotte and William Huxtable Ball. Born late 1860 or early 1861, John was raised in Gower, Glamorgan, likely in the village of Scurlage Castle. The first glimpse of John is in the 1891 Census of Wales (1871 for Gower is unavailable and finding him in the 1881 Census has been difficult - no clear matches on age, birthplace and occupation). In 1891, John is recorded as a farmer and head of household, which contained his sister, Charlotte, younger brother Thomas Huxtable, nephew Robert John Edwards, and Samuel Williams, servant. John was living in St. Andrews/Dinas Powis, close to what was noted as 'Arga Farm'.

This is where St. Andrews/Dinas Powys is located on Google maps:

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This is street view of St. Andrews Road, between St. Andrews Major and Dinas Powys to give you an idea of the countryside in which John farmed:

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John's birthplace is noted as South Molton, Devonshire in the census. However, given the family's move to Wales following William James' birth and John's birth registration in Gower, I would presume that he was born in Wales.

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