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Death of Charlotte Balment 1897

By 1891, Charlotte and William had moved to 54 Windsor Road, Penarth. According to the census for that year, Charlotte was living with husband William and son, Henry.

On 28 October 1897, Charlotte (Balment) Ball, age 66, died, at home. Home was now 18 Railway Terrace, Penarth. Her death certificate states that the cause of death was "morbus cordis", certified by Charles John, MRCS. The informant of the death was H. Ball, her son, Henry. He is noted as being present at the death. His address is given as 50 Plassey Street, Penarth and the death was registered on 30 October 1897.

What does "morbus cordis" mean? It is the Latin term for "heart disease". It is important to note that older death certificates will use Latin to state medical conditions rather than common terminology.

Knowing that William lived until 1927, it is sad to know that Charlotte died 30 years before him. How did her passing affect the family? The 1901 census points to the fact that daughter Charlotte, son-in-law, William Down, and grandson, William Ball, had moved in with William.

Charlotte was buried in the cemetery at
St. Augustine's Church, Penarth.
Her headstone reads "In loving memory of CHARLOTTE, beloved wife of W.H. Ball, who died October 28th 1897, aged 66 years./"With Christ" which is far better".

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