Sunday, 8 January 2012

Charlotte Balment (1831-1897), wife of William Huxtable Ball

Charlotte Balment was the wife of William Huxtable Ball and the mother of Thomas H. Ball and his siblings. She was born around 1831 in the village of High Bray, in Devon. Like her husband William, Charlotte's age varies throughout the years, so her birth year is my best guestimate. It is believed that her parents were William and Elizabeth Balment, but I will post once confirmed. High Bray is located east of Barnstaple and north of South Molton:

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Information on the history of High Bray, from the Devon County Council, can be found here.

These are photographs of Highbray taken by Martin Bodman, and can be found on the website:

This photograph, looking north, shows the view of the valley outside High Bray from the edge of High Bray churchyard. The village in the valley is Brayford. A public footpath links the two.

This image shows All Saints Church in the village of High Bray, looking west across the crowded churchyard:

High Bray is another place on my 'must-see" list - so tranquil.

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