Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Memories of Mary Meade McPhee

How to describe Mary Meade McPhee? She was simply "Nana". She lovingly nursed my Dad and Granddad through asthma and cancer. Nana had a very quick wit and loved to socialize. She was a classy dresser and always 'belle of the ball". Dad called her the "Grand Dame of the Ball Family" - elegant, regal and adored by many. I remember how she and sister Naomi would start a Scottish highland fling in anyone's front room, living room, kitchen or basement. Nana loved to laugh and always had a hug for you. She loved to sew, knit and create and patiently spent many hours teaching me (although I never mastered the knitting thing.....) She made you feel like you could do anything if you put your mind to it. She'd fly out to visit with us and would charm all of our friends and family. It was always an event when Mary was in town. I remember "Buttercup" her Toyota Corolla, and the long drive up to 100 Mile House to visit with her friend, Ollie. We laughed, sang songs and gabbed all the way up there and back - a perfect adventure for a 14 year old away from home.

If you want to share your memories of Nana, please feel free to post.

Cheers, K.

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