Monday, 10 October 2011

Evelyn Edith Ball (1913-1987) and Margery Ball (192?-199?)

Granddad's younger sisters were Evelyn and Margery. Evelyn's middle name, Edith, was probably inherited from her mother's younger sister, Edith Turner, who immigrated to BC from the UK, and married Richard Edward Steed, another British compatriot. Evelyn married Art Nursery and lived in the lower Mainland area of BC, where they raised a family. Evelyn died 4 April 1987 at age 74. Art outlived her, but I do not know his death date.

Margery married Hugh Phillip Sigismund and also raised a family in the lower Mainland. Hugh passed away on 24 June 1975 at age 63. I don't have Margery's death date, but will post once discovered.

This is a photo of Granddad and his sisters, likely taken in the 1950's:

From left to right: Evelyn, Granddad, Gwen and Margery.

Cheers, K.


Ros said...

Hello Karen
What part of Devon are you researching? I ask because I set up a website called 'The Ball Bureau' in the 90s (I have taken it down now) and my BALL family come from Devon, although I have not heard of any of them emigrating to BC.
Ros Haywood
(my mother was a BALL)

Karen Ball said...

Hi Ros,
My Ball branch comes from Filleigh and North/South Molton, Devon. My 3x-great grandfather, John Ball (1799-1855), was a tailor in Filleigh, who married Elizabeth Huxtable. My 2x-great grandfather, William Huxtable Ball, came to Gower, Glamorgan around 1859-1860. Ball seems to be a common name for Devon, but finding connections with others has been challenging.