Sunday, 25 September 2011

Why start doing your family history?

We all have many different reasons for starting out on the journey that is family history. For some, it is a matter of faith and duty. While for others, it is the challlenge and thrill of the hunt. 

In my case, our Ball family was precariously flung across a continent. My Dad came to Ontario to work and raise a family, while his only sibling and parents remained in British Columbia.  When Dad died, it was one less string that tied us together. The stories of his childhood and upbringing would no longer be heard.  I started this journey, as many of us do, too late to ask all the burning questions that trouble us now. I do this research to better understand who we are, to keep connected with my western cousins, to share our stories, and to pass along our history and stories to future generations.  While it is fun to collect name and dates to build the family tree, I am more interested in the stories behind the individuals.  What motivated them to stay or go, their lives and how they were connected to the places and events that surrounded them.

What are your reasons for doing family history?

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