Monday, 26 September 2011

Secrets, lies and paper

If I had to chose a starting point, I would say that it was the receipt of a typewritten note on the history of the Ball family, composed by my great-aunt Gwen Hynds (sister to my grandfather, William Huxtable Ball). My Dad's mom,whom we called Nana, said not to take it too seriously as there were many errors (my great-grandmother died in 1947, not 1945). Nana sent it to us after Dad died and in some way it was a last tenuous link between us, Dad and the past. Mom and I dissected the note countless times, disagreed on the references and relationships noted, but it kept my interest piqued....

I won't post the whole note as there are references to living people and a dispute about money on my great-grandmother's (Turner) side - so you can see we are a very typical family... warts and all.
Like a great puzzle to solve, I felt compelled to sort fact from fiction.




ralph46 said...

Karen I love that you are doing this blog. I am the first to admit I know little about family history. After losing dad this year , this information is all the more special so I will read and follow with interest. Thank you!

Karen Ball said...

You are welcome. There's no point in doing this research if it can't be shared and I've always been curious about where we came from and why.

Cheers, K.